You know I just had an amazing night. I’ve missed my girls, and I’ve missed the talks and the company. I’m so happy that we all still get the chance to do this occasionally.
On a side note I’m going to miss this place a lot when I move to Denver. Alabama isn’t all that bad and to be honest it’s beautiful here, and the folks (minus the occasional bigots) are so sweet and it will always be home. I’ve decided to move to Colorado to expand my career opportunities and just experience life outside of Bama again. I know it’s gorgeous in Colorado and honestly I’m most excited for the fishing!!!!
Another side note. I’m up for a promotion at work which is a blessing! It’s also going to help when I decide to transfer within the company when I do relocate. Sometimes I’d say my job is extremely stressful but I feel like without the job I wouldn’t be as comfortable as I am now both financially and in regards to opportunities for my future.
It’s been a while since I’ve posted a personal update but I’ve been pretty hectic the past 7 months. Sorry for the delay, but I’m wishing y’all all the best.

Love you guys.

It’s been a lonely day.

Tah tah Pao Pao

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